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Our Brands & Platforms

Our Martech Platforms

MLP offers a plethora of products and services to help our clients' needs. From the acquisition of new customers, retaining and keeping customers loyal, to employee benefits, we have you covered. Hover over each icon to see what makes up MLP.

Our Brands

Refreshingly rewarding products that can be made bespoke to your business.

A suite of experiences and carefully selected partners, providing customers with great value and lasting memories.

From indulgent spa treatments to fun-filled days out with friends and family, Take Time gives brands the chance to engage with customers on a meaningful level and create a lasting impression that will have long term benefits.

Delight customers and colleagues with gift and messaging issuance at the click of a button.

Designed to be used by brands to say please, sorry and thank you, My Rewards is our comprehensive sales and marketing platform. It’s used internationally by some of the worlds biggest brands to deliver and manage their goodwill activities, with full financial insight and MI.