The Marketing Lounge Partnership are one of the UK’s only combined incentive, loyalty, partnership and CRM agencies – providing the ideas, planning and delivery of campaigns for some of the UK’s biggest companies. We specialise in Financial Services, Insurance, Utilities and the Automotive sectors and are experienced in Retail and Telecoms. We pride ourselves on delivering campaigns that delight customers and deliver results – it’s what we love to do.

With a team of in-house specialists we work on the full end to end journey, from the lightbulb ideas moment and proposition development through to campaign design and delivery, customer services and fulfilment. A true, full-service agency.

What we do

Awesome Marketing Campaigns

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, customers want ‘more’ from the brands they deal with. At MLP we focus on helping you deliver ‘more’ at key touch points of the customer cycle.

After starting out as a pure incentive agency, we’re now a great deal more than that. Our expertise has expanded into full proposition development, marketing campaign delivery, product development, content creation, fulfilment services and mobile and innovation. And, because we work in the most highly regulated industry sectors, every campaign is compliant and data security is at the heart of everything we do.

We’re not in the business of ‘one size fits all’, so whether you require a short term tactical solution to boost sales, or a full CRM package to maximise the lifetime value of your customers, we can devise a tailored solution that works for you.

MLP branding

Delighting customers

All of our campaigns have the ultimate goal of delighting customers.  In a commoditised marketplace, emotion is key and we work hard to help forge a strong emotional connection between your brand and your customer.  Be it through longer term CRM solutions, surprise and delight activity or carefully selected incentives, MLP are experts in bringing emotion, warmth and good feeling to any industry or campaign.  We delight!

Delivering results

Our campaigns have the aim of driving positive ROI.  We routinely see strong uplifts in click conversion, overall sales, retention and cross sell rates.  With our unique full-service, we ensure that clients don’t need to visit multiple agencies when seeing a campaign develop from inception to delivery.

Our in-house teams include creative, web development print, fulfilment and customer service.  Many of our team members have client-side experience; we know what hurdles you face when delivering campaigns.  Our aim is to make campaign delivery seamless and straight forward – and we deliver!

Delivering results for over 20 years

20 years ago, MLP (and the world) was a very different place. We had a different name, we had mobile phones that just made calls, we used fax machines and most of our work was on paper!

In 2008, we decided that we wanted to be a bit different to all the ‘old style’ sales promotion agencies – by creating products and services that would aid sectors like Financial Services, Insurance and Utilities – who were facing up to the new challenges created by the growth of price comparison and ‘promiscuous’ customers. We began to see a real need for someone to help brands in these sectors differentiate themselves from their competitors whilst also helping them keep customers loyal – so we invested in the tech, the people and infrastructure to deliver Incentive, CRM and Loyalty for the UK’s biggest FS, Insurance and Utility brands.

We’ve got pretty good at it and we are now retained by many of the UK’s leading brands across a wide range of sectors. We’d love to help you too so get in touch if you’d like to find out how we can delight and deliver for you!

Our Experts

Acquisition & retention

Our industry experts work to develop compelling, innovative campaigns to differentiate your product.

Incentive sourcing & partnerships

Working with best of breed brands we source everything from vouchers and branded goods to high end tech, home entertainment and experience packages.

Account management

Our professional and friendly account managers are the vital link between our clients and our company.

Fulfilment & distribution

We have our own warehouse and distribution team who strive to meet your fulfilment needs.

Design & development

Our development team love to create innovative web solutions and have a passion for UX and great customer journeys.

Data & security

Our experienced data team can manage your data and report on analytics for your campaign. We also adhere to strict security protocols and are ISO 27001 accredited.

Dedicated call centre

Our dedicated call centre can deal with all customer contact.

Tech development

We develop bespoke tech solutions from MI and campaign hubs to fulfilment platforms and apps.

Client Focus



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