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Who We Are

Rewards, Loyalty & Incentives

We are a Martech agency specialising in rewards, incentives, and loyalty marketing. We help our clients acquire new customers and retain their existing ones with the use of our technology platforms.

We provide the ideas, planning, delivery, and support for ‘reward’ campaigns as well as creating tech platforms, products, and partnerships that aid sales conversion, customer engagement, employee engagement, and retention.

We are one of the largest ‘reward’ issuers in the UK, processing millions of pounds in cashback, gift cards, experiential and physical incentives. And provide platforms for loyalty & CRM programmes and have built a suite of ‘experiential’ products, which can be used as rewards within campaigns.


By investing heavily in research, tech, and development, we can offer a suite of SAAS products including gamification platforms, cashback platforms, referral systems, MLP SAS (Save a Sale), My Rewards (for Sales and HR teams), Take Time (rewards and discount) and Strategic Partnerships with a vast network of brands.

With a team of in-house specialists, we work on the full end-to-end journey, from the lightbulb ideas moment and proposition development through to campaign design and delivery, customer services, and fulfilment. A true, full-service agency.

Delivering results for over 20 years

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our team of in-house specialists work on full end-to-end journeys, consulting, developing, and implementing marketing strategies that improve acquisition conversion, engagement, and retention rates.

We pride ourselves on being technology-led and innovative, with data security being at the very heart of what we do.

Our Culture

Creating Positive Emotions

Our mission is to create positive emotions and ensure that our clients and their customers have an amazing experience when interacting with MLP – be it with our people, our products, or our platforms.

We pride ourselves on having a bunch of people who care. We care about our clients and their customers, we care about our workmates, we care about the experiences we deliver, we care about the results we achieve and we care about our impact on the environment and community.

This approach has enabled us to build an amazing portfolio of loyal clients and partners that trust us to delight customers and deliver results for them.