RAC Rewards

RAC Rewards launched in Summer 2021 to replace the previous RAC Member Benefits platform that was managed internally by RAC.


Unlike most ‘loyalty platforms’ which are packed with irrelevant and poorly redeemed offers, RAC Rewards features a small number of ‘Always On’ headline partners including brands like Shell, Greggs and ATS Euromaster, RAC members are able to access relevant and exclusive offers for the motoring needs.  Our Partnerships Team also ensure we feature seasonal partners on the platform where we integrate the partner messaging with RAC’s CRM, to keep the content fresh and engaging.  Our Take Time proposition then gives users access to thousands of great deals on Dining Out, Entertainment, Travel and the like.


The platform was scratch-built by MLP and integrates with RAC member data via API to ensure a seamless customer journey from RAC’s customer environment ‘MyRAC’.  Wherever possible, we also use APIs to connect to the featured partners to give RAC members instantly available redemptions.