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The Marketing Lounge Partnership & HAL Consulting join forces to help insurers and financial services organisations drive profitability through loyalty and ‘value adds’. The Marketing Lounge Partnership and HAL Consulting announced today that the companies have entered into a partnership that

At MLP, we care about our clients and their customers, we care about our workmates, we care about the experiences we deliver, we care about the results we achieve, and we care about our impact on the environment and community.   So,

In the recognition and reward sector, points-based programs have traditionally been a great method of brand engagement. However, according to recent research by YouGov, the appeal of points-based programs has decreased in the past two years. 81% of Brits found points-based programs

What are rewards, and why do they work? Rewards are something given in recognition of service, effort, or achievement. They can be reward points, discounts, freebies, exclusive sales, and more. Rewards are effective because of the principle of reciprocity. Like the analogy,