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Fuel incentives made simple

MLP create a pain-free solution to issue Fuel incentives

MLP (The Marketing Lounge Partnership), a leading Loyalty and Incentive agency in the automotive industry, have developed a fuel proposition to deliver electronic gift cards aimed at improving the efficiency of the user’s experience.

Over the last couple of years MLP have been developing an app for clients like RAC and, which allows them to fulfil Shell fuel credits directly to their customers. This innovative new approach allows eligible customers to receive fuel rewards for the duration of any campaign, without requiring costly prepaid credit or debit cards, leading to more controllable costs and an improved process. The objective is to provide a hassle-free fuel proposition for ongoing loyalty programmes and tactical events. This level of control provided MLP`s clients with complete financial flexibility to work within budgets and even stretch budgets to deliver greater value on an ongoing basis. Having gone through extensive testing, the cutting-edge agency are now ready to roll out this solution to the automotive industry.

Offering fuel as an incentive aligns perfectly with the products being sold, serviced or enquired about throughout the industry. This is a whole new way to administer and fulfil such an offer, departing from the traditionally expensive and wasteful prepaid credit card format, to a more streamlined and customer centric approach. Previously, customers would often lose pin numbers or misplace the physical cards, have difficulty accessing their balance or account details, and subsequently face a lack of satisfactory customer service due to the card providers and involvement of multiple businesses in the process. Now customers can be issued their allowance weekly, monthly or as a one-off payment for each event, enabling a cost-efficient way to provide a fuel solution without any hidden costs, reducing wastage and removing overpayments. Thus, ensuring clients can benefit from the savings and avoid being overcharged for fuel that has not been used or claimed.

MLP have now also developed a partnership with Sainsbury’s fuel stations to add further confidence in the solution, allowing it to be fulfilled throughout the whole of the UK. Managed directly through the forecourts, this new solution can control the process and handle customer enquiries much more efficiently. A dedicated Electronic Gift Code combined with MLP’s technical capabilities to issue the appropriate value of fuel to customers at the beginning of a week or the 1st of every month, ensures customers always have a fresh and valuable incentive to redeem at regular intervals. This creates even more consistent and regular communication opportunities post-purchase, which is proven to dramatically increase positive sentiment and customer loyalty.

Chris Paterson, CEO of MLP stated

“This is an exciting new solution that we have been developing over several years with Sainsbury’s. Coupled with the many different offers and projects, we are confident that we can provide our clients with an efficient customer and client journey, thus building on our existing tech stack to provide value at every touchpoint.”

‘Just add fuel’ was a proposition used by some OEM’s for a considerable amount of time and this now gives the opportunity to include fuel and have an economical solution for the full cost of ownership. In the current climate where every penny counts, this proposition could help customers budget accordingly and consider their full new car ownership costs.  A one-off payment, monetary discount or service plan is often lost in the moment with customers, however the option to deliver added value every week or month for a specific period greatly enhances the opportunity to improve the customers satisfaction and brand advocacy, whilst also improving overall loyalty.

Together with other ongoing fuel provider relationships and public electric charging networks, MLP can offer free fuel options for all types of vehicles and fuel types throughout the UK.